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A second chance!

For anybody who didn't get time to send in a card before the deadline:

I've received a few cards that have arrived since the event. So, I have a plan for getting those remaining cards to Sean. If anybody else wants to send a postcard, go ahead. My address is still listed in the members only post, or if you can't view that (you need to have a livejournal and actually *join* - not just friend - the community to see it) then please feel free to email for my address, to

I know he would be thrilled to receive them!

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So the con was last weekend. In brief - it went down so, so well. Sean loved it! For more detail, check under the cut! I'm sorry I didn't make a final list of locations before the event - I just had no time! I also didn't get chance to take any photos, because by the time I remembered I hadn't, I was in the Meet & Greet room with no photography allowed! The final postcard count was 47. I was aiming for 30, so I was so pleased!

If anybody wants to know if their postcard arrived, let me know where it was from and hopefully I'll be able to remember!

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For anybody interested in participating and going to Dragon*Con:

WickedWren has been kind enough to let me know that I can leave a box with them at the browncoat fan table, and then people can leave any cards there that they want, rather than me having to try and arrange to meet up with anybody who wants to give me a card!

So anybody who was put off from taking part because of the idea of having to mail a card - here's your solution!

And here's a complete list of locations that I have cards from so far!

"Amish Country", Pennsylvania
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Boston, Massachusetts
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Kansas City, Missouri
Kaustinen, Finland
Los Angeles, California
Louisville, Kentucky
Missoula, Montana
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina x2
Nyon, Switzerland
Owego, New York
Sheffield, England
Sydney, Australia
Washington DC
Windsor, England

Now, there are 60 of you watching the community and that's only 18 cards! Anybody planning on taking part, please send your cards out to me *this week* as the deadline is a week on Monday! That's nine days away (excepting those who want to give cards at Dragon*Con)!

Please note, if you're attending Serenity Cubed, I will not be accepting cards at the event itself. I plan to give Sean the book at the Meet & Greet on Friday night, so the way the book looks when I arrive is the way it'll be staying, there won't be time to add more cards!
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Another update!

Remember - the deadline for cards is Monday, August 28th, so especially those of you sending from abroad, make sure you get your cards in the post soon!

On top of the cards I had the last time, I now have cards from:

Boston, Massachusetts
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Kansas City, Missouri

...and a few more from various parts of England. It's going great, guys!

If you all could just keep promoting the hell out of it, this book could end up being something really impressive for Sean!
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(no subject)

Quick update on the project, guys! :D

I've had five postcards so far, which given the far away deadline is pretty good. After a great tip from one of the contributors, I thought you all might like an update on where the cards are coming in from!

So, so far I've had cards from:

Windsor, England
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Louisville, Kentucky
Missoula, Montana

Keep 'em coming and keep pimping!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Or what I anticipate will be asked frequently :)

Where do I send my card?
There's a members only post here with my address. All you need to do is join the community and you'll be able to see the post. If you're not a member of Livejournal and don't want to sign up, that's fine - drop me an email to and I'll reply with my address.

I see you live in England. How much will that cost me to send?
Obviously I'm not Queen of Postage, but I'm going to try and fix up a list, if I can. If you've mailed your card from a country not listed here, could you comment with how much the postage cost you so that I can add it? :)

USA - $0.84
Finland - €0.65 (possibly applies to most other countries using the Euro, but can't be sure!)

As a general rule, I'd say around twice the price it would cost to send a postcard within your country.

How long would it take to get to you?
Inside the UK, it should only take a day or two. From the US, it should take a week at the most. As for other countries, I would imagine within Europe it would take 3-4 days, and outside of that, it would be a week or so as with the US. But if anybody knows different, please let me know! Otherwise I'll update this post as and when postcards start arriving and I find out!

I don't want to risk it - can I send it somewhere else?
Yes. catchmelike has been kind enough to let me use her address, so if people in the US would rather mail their cards to her, she's in Texas. I'd obviously rather get the majority of cards at my address so that I can have an idea of what we're dealing with, so I'm not putting her address on the address post. If you'd like to send your card to her instead of me, though, email me at and I'll let you have that.

How shall I send it?
Write your message on the back, using as much of the space as you'd like since there's no need for an address. Then put it in an envelope addressed to me, so that way Sean isn't getting a card with my address on.

Does it have to be a postcard?
Yes. I'm not going to be totally strict - if you want to get creative and perhaps design a postcard of your own, feel free! As long as whatever you send is around postcard size and shape, I should be able to accommodate it in the book.

Does it have to be a postcard of where I live?
No, but I think it would be nice if that's what it was, rather than something chosen because it's funny or a novelty postcard. If you really don't want to send a card of where you live, then try to include that in the message on the card so that we (and Sean!) at least have an idea of where you're from. I may organise the book by country, but we'll have to see :)

Is there a particular size limit?
No, as long as you don't go overboard. I know that generally postcards tend to be within similar sizes, but if you see a novelty huge one, it would probably be best to avoid that! I hope to use the kind of book that will accomodate various sizes, to a degree - I won't be making a final decision on the kind of book to use until much nearer the time, when I have an idea of what people are sending me.

What should the message say?
Anything you like. Whatever you want to tell Sean to show that you support his career and appreciate him as an actor! I do, however, reserve the right to leave anything out of the book which I feel is inappropriate, rude, or might make Sean feel uncomfortable. We don't want that to happen.

When can we start sending?
The sooner the better!

Do you need any help?
Right now, I'm good, I think. But I'll definitely put the call out if I need anything. Feel free to friend this community to keep up to date - I'll be using it to update occasionally when there's something update-worthy or if I want your opinions on any aspect of the project, but I won't be clogging up your friendslist.

If you think of anything I've missed, please ask away, and I'll update the post!
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Welcome + Basic Info

Welcome to the Sean Maher fan project! Thanks for your interest!

Details are still being tweaked based on all of your input, but this is the basic idea.

To show Sean how much we support and appreciate him and his work, I wanted to put together something that I can give to Sean at the Serenity Cubed convention in September, something that we can all be involved in. I've seen a few fan projects like this in the past - in particular, there's a fanbook project going on over at that Jaina is putting together to give to Jewel at the same event.

To make it slightly different, this is the idea that I had.

Everybody who wants to participate mails me a postcard of their hometown, with a message to Sean on the back. That way, he can see where we're all from and how widespread his fans all are, which I think that he would like. I can put them all in a big display book with plastic pockets for pages, so that he can easily see both sides.

The more specific the postcard the better. If you live in a small town and you can't get a card of where you live, that's fine, get one from the nearest place you can, but it would be great to get as many different places as possible!

There's a FAQ post if you have anything you'd like to find out or add, and a post including the address to send your postcard to. This is a members only post, so that I'm not putting my address out to everyone on the internet. But I don't want to restrict this to only people with a livejournal, or force people to sign up so they can see, so if you want to email me I'll be happy to pass on my address that way.
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